hen, Foodles comes to your office every day with a refrigerator truck to deliver dozens of meals at once. Every week, you’ll get new options. And if you want something special, you can also plan in advance and order the day’s special when you arrive at the office. There are also vegetarian options set up company in hong kong.

Overall, it costs less than €5 to eat from your Foodles fridge. You scan your card, open the fridge and Foodles will automatically bills your account as there are RFID chips in all jars.

While this sounds too cheap to work over the long run, Foodles has one main advantage over the competition. There’s a strong commitment from your employer, which improves retention rate and recurring purchases. And a single delivery person can deliver something like 50 meals to your office at once, which greatly lowers delivery costs. The startup works with local caterers so that it doesn’t have to cook everything itself.

Foodles is still quite young as the company is operating in a dozen companies so far. It has raised $2.3 million (€2 million) and only works in the Paris area.

But the go-to-market strategy is quite interesting and different from most food delivery statups out there. Signing up new companies isn’t going to be as easy, but repeat business could be worth it.

: Darktrace raises
With cybercrime projected to reap some $6 trillion in damages by 2021, and businesses likely to invest around $1 trillion over the next five years to try to mitigate that, we’re seeing a rise of startups that are building innovative ways to combat malicious hackers Cambridge course Cambridge exam.

In the latest development, Darktrace — a cybersecurity firm that uses machine learning to detect and stop attacks — has raised $75 million, giving the startup a post-money valuation of $825 million, on the back of a strong business: the company said it has a total contract value of $200 million, 3,000 global customers and has grown 140 percent in the last year.

The funding will be used to expand the company’s business operations into more markets. Notably, Darktrace also separately announced today that it is now in a strategic partnership with Hong Kong-based CITIC Telecom CPC, a telecoms firm serving China and other parts of Asia, “to bring next-generation cyber defense to businesses across Asia Pacific Load Balancing.”